Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Livedolls.tv FAQ's. On this page you'll find a number of the most frequently asked questions.

  • What is Livedolls.tv?

    Livedolls.tv is a live video chat site, where you can chat with amateur performers while watching them on webcam. Livedolls.tv is powered by Camzter.com - one of the biggest and most trusted adult webcam chat community site. The chat and video on Livedolls.tv is live (unless you've selected a pre-recorded show), so you can chat with the performer, and watch her or him chat back and perform just for you! Livedolls.tv performers broadcast video live from their homes to yours. We have performers of every type! Browse models by sex, age, looks, and kinks. View gals, guys, couples, or specialty cam shows. Learn more about each performer by going to their bio page or viewing their sample pictures. Once you've chosen the performer you're interested in, you can access the guest chat to talk with the performer and view a small sample of the stream. It is completely free to view the guest chat and sample pictures. If you would like to enter the performer's chat room and see the video stream, the prices for full access and pre-recorded video are stated before you enter the chat. Chat fees are a per-minute charge, and are shown in your currency. The pre-recorded videos are $2.99 USD for 24 hour access to the performer’s video archive. We do not charge a monthly or recurring fee to view the site.

  • How can I find a performer?

    There are a lot of ways to browse and search for a performer. If you know the name of the performer you're interested in, just type it into the search box and click the search button. If the name isn’t an exact match to a performer, we'll give you a list of the closest matches.

    If you are looking for a certain type of performer, you can enter in any keywords into the search box to search performer descriptions. You can also browse the expansive list of Categories we’ve compiled for you on the left side of the page to find a performer who fits your interests. Simply click on the link of your choice and we’ll show you performers that meet your selection.

    Just click the Search link on the navigation bar at the top of the page, and you will be able to search on just about anything you can think of. Select as many or as few of the characteristics as you would like and we’ll display all the performers that match your selection, starting with the closest matches. If you’re looking for an exact match, check the “Exact matches only” box to the right of the Search button before submitting your search.

  • Are all videos live?

    All of the video chats feature live video, unless they are marked as being pre-recorded. With the live chats, you will be able to talk to and interact with the performer. Pre-recorded videos could be previous cam sessions or other performances recorded by the performer. You will be able to watch the video, but there will be no chat or interaction with the performer.

  • How does the video chat work?

    The performer has a camera set up on his or her end. When you log into the chat, you can see what the performer is doing in real time. To view the chat, you need to have the Flash plug-in for your browser. This is a fairly simple program. If you don't have it, it should be easy to set up. If you do have it, it should provide flawless video streaming.

    At the same time as you can see the performer, you can type chat back and forth with her or him. Some performers will have a microphone set up to do audio, so they can talk to you!

  • How do I view a performer's profile page?

    The easiest way to view a performer's profile page is to click directly on the performer's name. This will load the profile page without turning on their live cam, though you will still have an option to do so at any time.

  • What is GOLD?

    GOLD is a type of currency (1 GOLD=1 unit user currency - e.g. 1 Euro or 1 GBP) that you can send to the performer and is not tied to their private per minute rate. If you really like how the performer is interacting with you, giving GOLD is a great way to let them know how much you enjoy them.

  • How do I talk to the performer?

    When you enter a performer's full chat, you will see the video on the left, a large chat box on the right, and a small box at the bottom for typing your message. To talk to the performer, type into the small box, then hit the "Send" button or your enter key to send the message. Your message will appear in the chat box. When the performer replies to you, you'll see what she or he said in that box as well.

    You can also participate in voice-to-voice chat with performers who have chosen to offer this option via our confidential phone system (Note that not all performers have this option enabled). You must be in an exclusive chat session with the performer to use this service. Most performers who have voice-to-voice chat enabled will have an icon indicating that they offer this service on the homepage. You can also ask the performer if phone chat is an option and whether or not they are willing to enable the feature for you.

  • How do I leave the chat?

    When you are ready to leave the chat, you can either click the "Disconnect" button at the top of the page, or select to visit another page on the site using the navigation bar at the top of the page. Billing will end as soon as you've done this. At the conclusion of your private session, you will be given the option to review the performer. You can leave comments as well as provide rating information based on your session.

  • What if a performer doesn't do what I ask?

    This is what the guest chat is for! Performers are not obligated to do anything you ask, but most are willing and happy to put on a show for you. The guest chat is the perfect place to find out from the performer what he or she will and won't do. These are real people broadcasting from their homes, and they will have different likes and dislikes.

    If you want to check to see what a performer will do for you, please ask them in the guest chat. If they don't want to do it, you can always find another performer. We have many different performers with different specialties and interests, so there should be one to fit your particular desire!

  • What is high definition (HD) video?

    High definition video or "HD" is a higher resolution, larger-sized video stream. If you have a broadband connection, such as cable or DSL, this is one more feature for you to enjoy on Livedolls.tv!

    If you would prefer to see the smaller-sized video when a performer is streaming in HD, you can click the "Small" or "Medium" icon in the cam options menu at the bottom of your chat session.

  • What are discounted block sessions?

    Discounted block sessions allow you to book Premium and Exclusive chats 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes long at a discounted rate from a performer's regular per-minute price. You will receive discounts of 5% off 15-minute blocks, 10% off 30-minute blocks, 15% off 45-minute blocks and 20% off 60-minute blocks. Once you select the time block of your choice and submit your request, the model will confirm or deny the booking based on their current availability. If available, the session will begin. If you continue the session after the block is complete, the session will continue at the discounted per-minute rate.

  • What happens if the system disconnects me from a block session?

    If either you or the performer loses connection, please reconnect to the session within 2 hours of the start of the session. The price per minute will not be affected by the disconnection. If you are unable to reconnect, please contact support. If you purposely disconnect before the Block Session is complete, or do not try to reconnect should an issue occur, you will be charged as agreed for the session. We may also remove your ability to purchase future Block Sessions.

  • What is the maximum amount of time that I can receive the discounted price?

    A block session can continue after the allotted time period as long as the performer is available. If so, you will receive the discounted rate for the whole session.

  • Why aren't block sessions available?

    Block sessions are available only when your daily limit permits this feature, and the performer has chosen to offer them. If you have used up a partial amount of your daily limit, you will only be able to select block sessions that would not exceed your set limit.

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